eLust (betterthansushi) wrote in tayediggs_fans,

just thought i'd make ya'll a lil jealous =)
Taye diggs graduated from my school (Syracuse University), and last year he came back here to talk to us and do a little musical theatre workshop (im an MT major), and I was chosen to sing for him in the workshop and to get to work with him. So not only did I meet him, i got to work with him one on one. it was really awesome, he's so cool.
just thought i'd brag a lil :-D
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that's totally awesome :D love to hear stuff like that.
Wow thats so cool!! I'm jealous!! Was he nice?
:0 Awesome! I live in Syracuse, so I thought I had bragging rights..but wow, thats so cool!
i was singing along to your icon as i read this...i like it