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Extremely cute article from Newsday

The whole article can be found here, but I'm going to copy and paste the last part, also known as the cutest part.

Diggs and his "daughter"

Diggs has many scenes with his "daughter," who has a way of reaching up and pulling on his lips. And the love affair is mutual. Diggs has baby lust. Bad. Bring up the subject of his tiny co-star and he all but swoons.

"This baby we have, she's just so cute," he says, closing his eyes as if he needs to remember the look and feel of her. "This baby makes it seem like it would be great to have her around constantly.

"It's supposed to be hard work, but this baby makes me feel like it would be easy." He opens his eyes again.

"But maybe I'm just being ignorant." Diggs' wife of nearly two years is actress Idina Menzel, who won a Tony this year for her starring role as Elphaba the witch in the Broadway musical "Wicked." "She definitely wants to have children, but right now she's focusing on her own career," he says. "So I'm trying to be patient and respectful. But she knows whenever she's ready, I'm there."

The couple, who met while working on the Broadway production of "Rent," have a complicated schedule. He tapes Monday through Friday. She performs Tuesday night through the Sunday matinee.

So every Saturday morning, Diggs flies from Toronto to New York to spend two days with Menzel, who then flies back with him to Toronto Sunday night and stays until Tuesday morning.

"In some ways, it's good," Diggs says. "When we see each other, we want to be there. And I always feel good when I see her."

Still, he says, this commuting can't go on forever. His dressing room, done mainly in red, has multiple photographs, many of Menzel.

There she is kissing Diggs, there she is at their wedding in Jamaica, there she is winning her Tony earlier this year. Diggs calls that night the best moment of his life.

"That will probably change when I have children," he says, "but it surpassed the wedding day even." Menzel, Diggs says, would say that his best quality is that he's still a kid, and his worst quality ... is that he's still a kid.

Which, obviously, would have to change if he had one of his own.

"Absolutely," he says. "But the truth is, in life what matters is how you relate to people, and I'm really good at that. With my child, I'll be at the soccer games, and I'll be there to explain how life is. And when it comes to opening a bank account, he can ask someone else."
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